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We guide and help you with university program abroad.

You can excel in the career you choose to pursue but you need to take the bold step of acquiring the knowledge and skills you require from an international university. You may have a lot of concerns in choosing the right university as well as the opportunities available in those countries during your course of studies.

Be rest assured that Hillscareer will guide you in choosing the right international university that would meet your expectations. We stand apart from others because we do not stop with you going abroad to study but will be there to guide you until you get the right job.

At Hillscareer, we believe getting into the international university is simply a stepping stone to building that dream career and we want to be part of that dream!

Our Mission

Inspire career vision

Our mission is to create career vision and drive achievement through academic excellence. We believe that "a thousand miles starts with a step" and that the secret of having a successful career is by having a vision.

At Hillscareer, we encourage you to pen down your vision - your first step. We have found out that a lot of students graduating from secondary schools lack clear vision regarding the career path they would want to pursue.

We have provided guidance to numerous students which inspired them to have a vision. With a vision, comes the drive to achieve. A dream is borne and our goal is to make it happen.


We understand the importance of standing out and thinking outside the box so we believe in charting an innovative career map. We will guide you in drawing up a career map which will include skill requirements, professional qualifications, financial requirements, internship, work experience, expected time frame, etc.

Every individual is unique and expectations are different, we understand these differences and would always guide each individual towards charting a realistic career map that strengthens the vision.

Academic Excellence

Based on the career map, we provide guidance for selection from our array of universities across varying countries and cities. Getting the right university is our specialty and that is what we do best. We provide assistance in the university admission, accommodation, visa process and travel logistics. - be rest assured, we ensure the entire process is seamless.

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