Our Job Packages

We have a large pool of well qualified candidates and our job site visibility cannot be compared. Choose the right job posting package now!


  • 1 job posting
  • Job displayed for 15 days
  • No Featured On Demand
  • No Premium Support


₦5,000 Per Month
  • 2 job postings
  • Featured On Demand
  • Job displayed for 30 days
  • Premium Support 24/7


₦25,000 Per Month
  • 10 job postings
  • Featured On Demand
  • Job displayed for 60 days
  • Premium Support 24/7


₦50,000 Per Month
  • 25 job postings
  • Featured On Demand
  • Job displayed for 90 days
  • Premium Support 24/7

Our Featured Services

Our platform makes it easier for you to connect with the right candidate. It is interactive, flexible and easy to use.

  • Post Jobs

    We offer both free and paid packages for job postings. Choose the right package for you.

  • Easy Customization

    You can customize it easily to filter, select and notify selected candidates for interview.

  • Modern Design

    Our platform is top notch, flexible but easy to use which makes our job site the preferred choice.

  • Quick Support

    We have a dedicated and experienced team that will provide prompt support when you need it.

  • Permanent Staffing

    We also offer a complete recruitment service and would be glad to discuss that further with you.

  • Payroll Management

    We offer payroll management which includes providing the software, training and support.