Hillscareer Is Back!

We Are Back!

We want to use this opportunity to reach out to our esteemed subscribers during this pandemic period and share our support as we all go through this tough times together. We want to say we are with you, all the way.

For the employers, we understand that your businesses may have been badly affected by the Covid-19 shut down, but this is a phase that will surely pass away. However, until we get over this tough phase, Hillscareer wants to say we are here to work together with you.

For the candidates, this Covid-19 shut down have resulted in job losses and this may have impacted you in some ways. Businesses are gradually opening up and so will filling up of job positions as economic activities pick up. Hillscareer is here to support you in any way to get back to what you consider the “normal”.

In order to position ourselves to further assist you, Hillscareer have redesigned its website to a robust and more user friendly platform. This will enable job postings and search to be more interactive and result-oriented. Employers will have the opportunity to reach wider range of candidates and streamline applications received within a shorter period. The newly designed platform for employers is simple and communication with candidate can be done within the secured platform.

Our registered candidates will have the opportunity to create well structured CVs within the platform that would project their career achievements better. This will place them in better position with employers.

Lastly, we have our experienced and insightful team that would always be available to provide the support that you would need in achieving your career goals.

We thank you once again for your strong support and look forward to serving you better.

Remember to stay safe.


Hillscareer Team


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