Signs to Run! – Not Walk From Your Job

So, you’ve finally landed a new job and you’re thrilled to be in the working world again. Hopefully, your new position will be one that provides you with support, great opportunities and plenty of...

Should your resume be in the past or present tense?

Grammar rules can be a pain, but don't ignore them—you can be sure hiring managers will be paying close attention! Choosing the right tense is important when you're starting to write a resume and...

Get On Board For An Exciting 2019 Career!

Happy New Year! We have had great moments and tough times but it's so refreshing to have hope for a better 2019. Hillscareer understands how tasking it is to build a successful career. We have successful...

Here’s Why You Need to Be Emotionally Intelligent

Ever wondered why you never really get along with a colleague despite how nice you treat him/her? You are very careful with your choice of words around colleagues yet it doesn’t really improve your...

Fresh Grads, Here Is How to Negotiate Your Starting Salary

To negotiate or not? Are entry-level salaries negotiable? Young graduates often shy away from negotiations or sell themselves short while negotiating their first salary. Who would blame them? They are just newbies, confused as what...

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your ’Blank’ Moments

We’ve all been there: You’re on deadline, but your mind refuses to get going. The phenomenon goes by many names, including “writer’s block,” “creative block,” and “dry spell.” I call them “blank moments.” Because of...

Nailing the Interview Process, Part 6: Answering the Tough Questions

You’ve been invited in for a face-to-face interview. You feel this job is great for you. You like the variety of responsibilities and have heard great things about the company. You’ve done everything right...

How to Become Invisible at Work

Nearly every professional understands the value of visibility. After all, when opportunities arise, the person who is both seen and heard—and known as a strong performer—will always spring to mind first. Yet, sadly, many people...

These 5 phrases could be the Reason Why Your CV Gets Trashed!

Sometimes, lack of experience and skill is not what gets your CV evicted, but the use of clichéd words and phrases that make hiring managers cringe. While it is important that you use buzzwords to...

6 Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During the Interview

Today’s Question: What are some questions candidates should always ask during the interview – and why are those questions valuable?   Can I See Your Administrative Policies? Candidates should ask to see the company’s administrative policies and...

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