Sometimes, lack of experience and skill is not what gets your CV evicted, but the use of clichéd words and phrases that make hiring managers cringe.

While it is important that you use buzzwords to highlight your skills and competencies, you must be careful how you use them. If a recruiter or hiring manager opens your CV and it is no different from that of the previous person, you can be sure he will jump past it. He wants to see the uniqueness in you. He also wants to be convinced that you are the right candidate, and a bunch of repetitive jargons won’t do the magic.

Here are 5 worst overused buzzwords you should banish from your CV:

“I am highly motivated

Motivated to do what? Almost every job seeker consider themselves motivated, so 90% of CVs hiring managers come across contain this phrase.

If you must showcase this on your CV as a strong skill, be specific and clearly demonstrate what you mean. For example, you can talk about how keen you are to create solutions and how you love to come up with new ideas.

“I am results oriented”

This is another generic phrase you will find in almost every CV. You don’t just blurt out the word “results” without proof to back up your claim! When a hiring manager comes across this, he expects to see things you have achieved in the past demonstrating that you are capable of delivering results.

To prove this, use words like “generated”, “delivered”, “created” etc. to highlight meaningful projects or tasks you accomplished.

“I have strong communication skills”

This is probably the most overused phrase. Yes, communication skill is very important to every job, but you don’t need to write it down to prove to the hiring manager that you have them. The way you construct your CV will do the trick.

Make sure your CV is concise and properly written in a way that the recruiter wouldn’t find it difficult to read.

“I am a good team player”

This phrase does not indicate anything remarkable. If your intention is to show off how well you work with others, then it is better to demonstrate it.

Talk about how you liaised with colleagues to achieve something in the past. You can also mention how you cooperated on projects with others.

“I am very punctual”

Come to think of it, being punctual is actually expected from everyone who has a job and wants to keep it. Listing punctuality on your CV as a great skill is just dumb and a total waste of space.

Use action verbs and job-specific keywords to demonstrate your skills and qualifications, that way recruiters and hiring managers can imagine you in the role while going through your CV.


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