Is your boss a woman? Are you finding it difficult working with her? Read this before jumping ships!

A recent survey we conducted showed that the number of women having issues with their female bosses is on the high side. Many of them are having difficulties yet afraid to act for fear of losing their jobs. So we decided to put up some great tips that will help you work with an aggressive boss without losing your cool.

Don’t be equally aggressive

You think you are right? Well, guess what, your boss also thinks she is right! You two will always have conflicts because of this. Sometimes it’s better to just push back and let the problem wither. Whether you like her or not, have a problem with her or not, she is still your boss! She has a major part to play on your career trajectory in the company and if you want to have a successful career, you must try to have a healthy relationship with her.

Don’t respond with hostility, instead maintain a calm and professional demeanour. It might even be that she is just looking for respect from you. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be quiet if she is physically abusive. In the case that your boss becomes physical or overly offensive, you can report this to the appropriate authority. But then you must be prepared for what will follow because things could get ugly.  Ensure you have evidence of what transpired between you two and that you have allies.

Find out the reason for the behaviour

On the other hand, you might be the problem, hence the reason for the attitude.

Find out if she has major concerns that you haven’t addressed or it is just her behaviour. If you are the problem, sit down with her and discuss this, then take extra measures to solve the problem to avoid future clashes. But if she is naturally aggressive, then there is really nothing you can do to help the situation. All you need to do is go about your business and let her bluster herself out.

Adapt to her preferences

Observe your boss’s behaviour. Find out her preferences and pet peeves.  Is she quick to make decisions? Does she need time to process information?  How does she like to communicate – via e-mail, in person, or lengthy memos? Adapting to her style of work will reduce the friction between you two.

If you have a different opinion on things, air your views with respect. Naturally, nobody likes to be opposed and she is no different. If she perceives that you are trying to undermine her, she will become defensive or take it as a personal attack on her authority.

Make yourself indispensable

Take part in crucial projects and make yourself visible. Let your work speak for you, that way she won’t be able to frustrate you out of the company that easy.

Even if you are a man, these tips will still work for you.


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